Thursday, July 9, 2015

Shop Needful Things in Jackson!

Needful Things
5 Main Street Jackson
(209) 223-3036
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ACN: What are some of the things you sell here in this "time machine"?
I sell a mixed match of “days gone by”. Memories. Hidden treasures that people have had when they were younger, or what their Grandma might have had on display when you’d visit. It’s a treasury of memories.

ACN: That’s wonderful! How long have you had this little nook?
I’ve been doing this about eight years; before that I probably did it another eight years out of my home. Had a lot of things in storage, and thought that no one is going to appreciate what I have in storage if I can’t show it. So I decided to find a co-op and was able to rent a space that was affordable, put out my memories for everyone to just ‘go for it’.

ACN: What’s your favorite thing or things that you like here? There’s so much!
I like the colored glass, the crystal sets, the tea pots...there are a lot of things that are eye catchers.

ACN: They’re really beautiful! So do you buy privately or exclusively through people, or…?
I buy from estate sales and other vendors that are going out of business, or just when I come across little bits of history here and there. I’m a “picker of history”, just like on TV.

ACN: What’s that, like wait a minute...don’t they have TV shows, like Antique Roadshow, or…?
Yeah, I’m always afraid that someday, someone is going go on those shows and say: “Oh yeah, I was in a little antique store in Jackson, California and I found this…” and come to find out something I sold was worth a couple million dollars. But then I figure, hey...that’s okay.

ACN: Are there some high value things here?
I would say that most of these items hold sentimental value. Most of the things here are $50 and under. I like people to be able to afford the treasures they find.

Needful Things is located upstairs at 5 Main Street in Jackson,
right across from the historic National Hotel in Jackson.
Phone is 209-223-3036
Chat with Rosemary Fields, who is just an absolute delight, but...
you really need to visit in person in order to get that
"stepping back in time" feeling!

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"OMG, I had this exact same dollhouse when I was a kid!" - Carol Harper